Life imitating art

When we wrote Geneticide in early 2019, we based the idea of everyone being forced to have these implants due to some sort of global health disaster, and the need to vaccinate the population quickly “both now, and in the future”.

From there we took the view that as with anything mandated by the Government “for the good of the people” that it would eventually be subverted for negative / nefarious purposes (as we’re already seeing data surveillance, encryption back doors, etc, etc)

Little did we think that less than 12 months later we would already be seeing the start of our story happening in real life!

Stay safe guys, and #stayhome! The virus doesn’t move, people move the virus. Stop movement and the virus will die out naturally.

Urgent Casting Call

Due to a last minute drop out …. 

I need a volunteer (unpaid) for a short Green Screen session tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon

Ideally female, athletic build, clear spoken American / Canadian or Australian accent 

Or ( Plan B )

Athletic and able to speak Mandarin (and translate a few lines from an English script) 

This is for a film school project (SciFi) with Raindance as part of the 2nd year HND course

Location near Charing Cross Station 

From 13:00 to about 16:00

The character is the head of the World Medical Council and will appear briefly in a short SciFi film about genetic screening being completed later this year.  

Please comment below if interested and available Wednesday 3rd April 

Many Thanks and apologies for the short notice